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The International Association of Forensic Radiographers aims to promote best practice in forensic radiography through education and training, research, communication and coordination of forensic radiography.


IAFR offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Forensic Radiography. IAFR and its branches provide webinars regularly.


IAFR organises professional training for Forensic Radiographers. We are currently building an e-learning platform, to allow location independent training.


IAFR promotes research of Forensic Radiography. We work together with the International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) to publish the Forensic Imaging Journal.


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Forensic Radiography

Forensic Radiography is the field of imaging, which provides medico-legal evidence in the means of radiography, cross-sectional imaging, surface scanning, photogrammetry and other modalities.

police, crime scene, murder

Post-Mortem Imaging

Imaging of deceased can offer important information about cause of the death and identity.

Forensic Human Identification

Identifying deceased or living individuals can benefit from dental and other imaging.

Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

Modern DVI teams may use mobile CT units on location to speed up the process.

Suspected Physical Abuse (SPA)

Imaging of SPA of children or vulnerable adults is common practice in many hospitals.


Finding intracorporeal illegal substances often requires imaging of the suspect.

Age Assessment

Imaging is part of the age assessment of the asylum seekers who's age is unclear.

Forensic Archaeology

Imaging can be used to investigate archaeological findings such as mummified remains.

..and More!

Forensic radiographers work closely with police forces, forensic anthropologists, pathologists and other professionals.


The IAFR can offer you guidance, shared experience, networking, collective knowledge, training, education, group support, information, protocol development, procedures, and research opportunities.

Full Member

Full membership of IAFR is open to any registered radiographer, radiologic technologist, and imaging technician with an interest in forensic medical imaging.


Associate Member

Associate membership is open to anyone with a professional interest in forensic medical imaging, this may include Doctors or Academic professionals. Associate Members will not have any voting rights at the annual general meeting.


Student Member

Student Membership will be open to any student registered on an approved full-time course of education in radiography or radiologic technology leading to a qualification eligible for registration who has an interest in forensic medical imaging.


International Branches

International branches organise local events, but you are welcome to join the IAFR although your area wouldn’t have own branch yet!


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Attend to our webinars and get a certificate of attendance! Webinars are accessible for members and non-members alike.

Forensic Imaging Journal

Forensic Imaging, formerly known as Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging is the official publication of the International Society of Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) and IAFR.
Forensic Imaging is the first and only journal dedicated to all aspects of forensic imaging and its implications for forensic medicine.
Full members of IAFR receive online access to the Journal.
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Message from the ISFRI organisers:In case it was not clear, the 11th Annual ISFRI Congress (Conference) is running THIS WEEK live in Japan and online for all international attendees. Please login at to access the conference content hosted by Dr. Hideki Hyodoh in Tokyo which will be live and on demand. The ISFRI Society’s Annual Business Meeting (General Assembly) has been postponed by the Board until later in the year. Date to be announced soon. Thank you!ISFRI Board ... See MoreSee Less
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PALEORADIOLOGY 2022 (+ Cremation) workshop1st-3rd (4th) December 2022This paleoradiology workshop will inform (bio)archaeologists and anthropologists on radiological methods. The participants will be able to bring their own material to scan it during the workshop and to learn basic information on the use of X-ray, mobile X-ray, CT, micro-CT and postprocessing with “hands-on“ approach during this 3 day workshop in clinical and field settings. It is possible to combine the Paleoradiology and Cremation workshop. Participants will learn to analyse cremated human remains, applying archaeological, anthropological, and paleoradiological methodology.See further details here: ... See MoreSee Less
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