Disaster Victim Identification

IAFR organises training and coordinates radiography response teams internationally for DVI


Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) is a multi-professional act of identifying the victims of natural or man-made mass fatality incidents.

The IAFR are able to provide a national team of radiographers with accredited training and experience in forensic and mass fatality radiography. Currently the UK has an established team working with the UK National Disaster Victim Identification Team. We are also working on launching teams for other countries.

The team will provide a coordinated forensic radiography response to mass fatality incidents and advise national, regional and local authorities on radiography issues when planning for such incidents.

DVI Co-ordinator

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Forensic Human Identification

Forensic Human Identification is performed according to the guidelines by INTERPOL. Ideally identification is achieved using four primary identifiers:


Radiography plays an essential role in dental identification


DNA analysis may be used to identify missing persons


Friction ridge analysis may confirm or disprove identity


Unique medical appliances may be found by imaging