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The International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) is an association of professionals involved in, or with an interest in, the provision of medical imaging services in support of forensic investigations

About Us

The Trauma Imaging Group Forensic Radiography Committee (TIGFR) was founded in the United Kingdom in 1998.  In 2004 TIGFR combined with the UK Northern Region Radiography Response Team and the UK Military Radiographers Forensic Team to establish the Association of Forensic Radiographers (AFR). AFR was formally constituted in 2005. In recognition of an increasingly international membership, the Association formally changed its name to the International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) in 2008.

Recognised Lead Body

The IAFR is the recognised by the ISRRT and SCoR to be the lead body in promoting forensic radiography.

Organising DVI Response

The IAFR helps coordinating DVI radiography response. Currently we have a designated DVI team in UK.

Education & Research

The IAFR promotes the best practices in forensic radiography by providing education and organising research.

IAFR Committee

The Association has a committee, elected from the membership, that works within its constitution.

Paul Hunter

Paul is a Lecturer in Medical Imaging at Teesside University, and Course Leader for the PgC/MSc Forensic Radiography.  Prior to his current role, Paul was a full-time Post-Mortem CT Radiographer at the Bradford Public and Forensic Mortuary and has previous experience within an NHS radiology department.

Paul Hunter
BSc (Hons), BSc (Hons), MSc
Chair & GDPR Officer
Amy-Lee Brookes
Amy-Lee Brookes
BSc, MSc, CertFHID
Vice Chair
Charlotte Primeau

Charlotte is a trained biological anthropologist as well as a licenced diagnostic radiographer and work in both fields. Currently she works as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the University of York and as a radiographer with the Hospital of York in England.

Charlotte Primeau
BSc, MSc, MSc, PGCert, PhD
Honorary Secretary
Mark Viner

Senior Tutor in Radiography at Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of London, and course leader for Forensic Radiography at Cranfield University Forensic Institute. He has led the development of forensic radiography in the UK and internationally. Founding chair of IAFR, founding vice-chair of ISFRI and founding editorial board member of Forensic Imaging.

Mark Viner
Education Officer
Jeroen Kroll

Jeroen Kroll is a forensic radiology consultant at the Unit Forensic Radiology at Maastricht University Medical Center. Within this role he is in close contact with police-departments, prosecutors and pathologists to provide forensic and legal input in forensic radiology examination. He was involved in the DVI-process and criminal investigation of the flight MH17-incident.

Jeroen Kroll
DVI Co-ordinator
Edel Doyle

Edel has led the introduction of post-mortem imaging services in Ireland and Australia. She has completed multiple postgraduate courses in Forensics and is currently enrolled in a PhD investigating the use of low-dose CT in suspected physical abuse of children. She has organised workshops, study days and published guidelines on behalf of the IAFR.

Edel Doyle
BSc (Hons), MSc, MSc, MSc, Prof.Cert.
International Liaison Officer

Claire is an Advanced Practitioner in forensic imaging in Leicester, UK where she runs the forensic imaging services. She has been involved in forensic imaging and research for over 20 years during which she has helped develop coronary PMCT angiography and the use of PMCT in DVI.

Claire Robinson
BSc, MSc
Welfare Officer
Fox Marttinen

Fox is the first Finnish Forensic Radiographer. He has main interest in post-mortem imaging and DVI. Fox is a Committee member in Society of Radiographers in Finland and Finnish Society of Radiography Research. He works also as a professional dancer and enjoys long distance hiking, playing tenor saxophone and reading good books.

Fox Marttinen
BSc, BA, MSc
Communications Officer
Christina Carøe Ejlskov Pedersen

Christina is working as a full-time Forensic Radiographer at the Department of Forensic Medicine in Aarhus, Denmark. She takes great interest in performing and evaluating PMCT, perform conventional x-ray, DVI and to be a part of imaging research in forensic cases.

Christina Carøe Ejlskov Pedersen
Membership Secretary & Branch Co-ordinator
Fiona MacGregor

Fiona is a qualified diagnostic radiographer currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging/Forensic Radiography at Teesside University, in the Northeast of England. She is also undertaking her PhD studies exploring the implementation of best practice within forensic radiography settings.

Fiona MacGregor

Tony is from Newcastle and is an inaugural member of the ANZ committee. Although technically retired, Tony provides radiography education to chiropractors at Macquarie university, gives radiographer input into the Mortuary Technician program at Western Sydney University and works as casual forensic radiographer for the NSW Department of Health mortuary services. 

Tony Buxton

The Constitution

The International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) is an association of professionals involved in, or with an interest in, the provision of medical imaging services in support of forensic investigations.

The Association has a committee, elected from the membership, and works within its constitution.

With effect from 22nd September 2012 IAFR has entered into a formal affiliation with the International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI).

Formal Recognition

IAFR has been formally recognised by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists (ISRRT) and the UK Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) as the lead body in the following areas:

Promoting awareness of forensic radiography and related issues

Provision and facilitation of training and education in the forensic field

Inter-professional and multi-organisational liaison and communication

Development and review of guidelines for evidence-based practice in forensic radiography

Provision of advice and resources for individuals and organisations which have a need for professional expertise

Provision of health and safety advice in the planning of temporary mortuaries, including risk assessments with particular regard to radiation protection, COSHH and manual handling issues

As the contact point for initiation of a Radiography Response Team in the event of a Mass Fatality Incident, including provision of diagnostic imaging equipment for immediate deployment to an incident

Who Are We?

The majority of IAFR members have clinical backgrounds and therefore specialise in the imaging of human subjects. However, X-rays can also be used for the imaging of a wide range of artefacts – from documents, paintings and antiques to vehicles and suspect packages in forensic investigation.

IAFR members have been involved in incidents on both a national and international level.  In the United Kingdom, these include investigation into the London bombings, the Selby rail crash and Lockerbie air disaster.  International deployments have included investigations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Republic of Ireland, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and India.

IAFR provides a consultancy service to the UK Home Office, the UK Ministry of Defence, UK police forces, UK Department of Health, the UK National Health Service, United Nations and other organisations on forensic imaging of the living and deceased.