UK Branch

The UK Branch of IAFR covers the United Kingdom

UK Branch

The IAFR has its roots in United Kingdom, but the UK branch of the IAFR wasn’t formed until 2021.

During its first year the UK branch aims to provide some training and update national forensic radiography guidance with support of the Society and College of Radiographers, the UK national body.

UK Branch Events

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UK Branch Committee

The branch has a committee, elected from the membership, that works within its constitution.

Claire is a Consultant Radiographer in forensic imaging in Leicester, UK where she runs the forensic imaging services. She has been involved in forensic imaging and research for over 20 years during which she has helped develop coronary PMCT angiography and the use of PMCT in DVI.
Claire Robinson MBE
BSc, MSc, PhD
Laura is a Teaching Fellow in Diagnostic Radiography & Medical Imaging at the University of Portsmouth. Laura graduated from the University of Suffolk in 2012 and became a Specialist Paediatric Radiographer at Southampton General Hospital. As part of this role, Laura has substantial experience with Suspected Physical Abuse and Post-Mortem imaging in paediatrics. In 2023, Laura achieved her MSc in Forensic Radiography from Teesside University. 
Laura Knight
BSc (Hons), MSc
Vice Chair & Events Officer
Louise is a senior lecturer at University of Liverpool, as well as an advanced practitioner in plain film MSK reporting. She is also (hopefully) in the final year of her PhD. She has been interested and involved in forensic radiography for many years with a particular interest in non-accidental injury and DVI. 
Professionally she loves sharing her passion for reporting and forensic work. Outside of this she loves Harry Potter, Christmas and over catering. 
Louise Burton
BSc (Hons), PgC, PgC
Secretary & Communications Officer

Ann is the Head of CT Clinical Services for Alliance Medical in the UK and forensic lead. She has had an interest in forensic imaging for many years and has undertaken plain film and PMCT. Her special interests are the use of PMCT in DVI; particularly the role of dental PMCT which was the topic of her MSc dissertation

Ann Heathcote
DCR(R), BSc(Hons), PGCert (CT), PGDip(MRI), MSc

I am the Associate Professor for Radiography at the University of Plymouth. I have extensive forensic experience, both of the living and dead, and attended the first forensic seminar at Cirencester Agricultural College many years ago. I have been on the SOR Council, a member of the College Board of Trustees and chaired various advisory groups for the SOR.

Jenny Jones
FHEA, MSc, PgC, PgC Cl Ed, DCR(R)

Charlotte currently works as a lecturer at Cardiff University and is the CPD Lead for Radiography as well as the Deputy Programme Manager. She previously worked as a general and CT radiographer in England. She undertook her Pg(Cert) in Forensic Radiography in 2016 and a further MEd in Leadership in 2020.

Charlotte Hodges
BSc, PgC, MEd
Education, Research and CPD Officer
Amy-Lee Brookes

Amy is the Post-Mortem CT Lead and advanced practitioner in forensic and post-mortem radiography at LTHTR. She has extensive post-mortem and forensic experience in adult PM cases in plain-film, CT and PM angiography and in live SPA cases and PM paediatric cases including SPA, SUDI and forensics. Additionally, she has deployment experience in DVI.

Amy-Lee Brookes
DVI Co-ordinator
Charlotte Primeau

Charlotte (Charlie) has a background as a trained biological anthropologist as well as a diagnostic radiographer. Currently she works as an assistant professor in forensic imaging at the University of Warwick, acquiring and analysing postmortem micro-CT images for trauma analysis of both adult and pediatric cases in assault and NAI cases.

Charlotte Primeau
Welfare Officer
Katie Adcock
Katie is a Specialist Paediatric Radiographer at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. As part of her role she undertakes Radiographer lead MCUG’S and has an active involvement in the fluoroscopy service. She has extensive experience in post mortem imaging including foetal forensics and SUDI.  SPA is a particular passion of hers and she takes lead on the SPA audits and education. Katie is also a qualified paediatric sonographer and has experience in both paediatric CT an MRI scanning.
Katie Haynes
Paediatrics Officer
Jen Lloyd
Student Representative

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