CT DVI Training Weekend

IAFR delivers Disaster Victim Identification event

The International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) recently delivered a highly successful training weekend, focusing on the use of CT in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI).  The event was held at the Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire and organised in conjunction with UK DVI and Alliance Medical Ltd, who also provided a mobile CT scanner for use during the event.

The course was intended to provide attendees with an understanding of the role of CT in DVI and give them the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether they would like to join a radiography response team in the event of a mass fatality incident.  Following a welcome from IAFR Chair Jeroen Kroll, the event started with an afternoon of theoretical sessions, which included topics such as the role of UK DVI, how a CT scanner is deployed following an incident, how a communications network is established, the role of the radiographer in the emergency mortuary and the important issue of staff welfare.  The following day involved a number of practical workshops focusing on how to undertake a CT scan for DVI, the practicalities of using CT in DVI, image interpretation, completion of documentation and personal protective equipment requirements.

IAFR Chair Jeroen Kroll described the importance of training radiographers for DVI incidents: “Working in an emergency mortuary is completely different from radiographers’ daily work and usually performed in difficult circumstances.  This requires flexibility, commitment and a good knowledge of the DVI process.  By supporting partners from the field such as UK DVI and Alliance Medical Ltd, we can organise appropriate training and in the event of an incident we can quickly call upon good quality staff to support the process”.

Feedback from the eventwas extremely positive, with attendees citing the quality of the sessions, the knowledge and experience of the trainers and the facilities as the highlights of the weekend.  One individual in particular stated: “the training has given me an in-depth knowledge of DVI and a greater understanding of my role as a radiographer in the process”.

The IAFR would especially like to thank Howard Way (UK DVI), Philip Webster & Ann Heathcote (Alliance Medical), Steve Adams & Nigel Baker (BT) and the Fire Service College for their help in organising and running such a successful event.