UK Branch AGM & Webinars


The newly formed UK branch of the IAFR would like to invite you to attend our study evening. We will be running a series of short presentations from the interim UK IAFR committee alongside the UK IAFR AGM, with topics including: Forensic imaging in the 80/90s The London bombings Identification using dental & plain film […]

Free – £5

UK Branch Webinar: How to do PMCT and Angiography


The UK branch of the IAFR is excited to share our webinar entitled 'How to do PMCT and Angiography' with you. This webinar is for all IAFR members and will take place via zoom on Tuesday 8th February from 7-8pm. Interest in replacing invasive autopsies with PMCT scans in non-suspicious deaths is increasing in the UK. This led […]

UK Branch Webinar: Beyond the UK – Post Mortem CT


This session will be a fascinating and engaging look at how Post-Mortem CT is undertaken across a variety of countries outside of the UK. Our international speakers, from countries including Australia and the Netherlands, will present a short exploration into their own PMCT protocols and procedures, providing us with an insight into the similarities and […]

Free – $7.50

UK Branch Annual General Meeting 2023


The UK Branch of the IAFR will have their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 23rd August at 19:30 BST. The meeting link has been emailed to members. Before (19:00) and after (20:00) the AGM are free webinars. Members can access the webinars via eLearning platform as normal and non-members can use the code iafrukagmfree for […]


UK Branch Webinar: Medical Imaging in Archaeology and Anthropology


The UK Branch of IAFR will organise a webinar about Medical Imaging in Archaeology and Anthropology with Dr Charlotte Primeau. October 24th at 19:00 UTC Free for members $15 for non-members Access via

Free – $15